Underwater Photography

‘A true and knowledgeable professional, with vast experience below the water surface, on land and also from the air’

I was one of the original group of people who set up the world renowned Isle of Man Basking Shark Watch many years ago, and was a charter skipper running wild-life trips around the Island prior to my retirement.  I got to know Frazer from his frequent trips to photograph wildlife both above and below the water.  The quality of Frazer’s work is excellent, to the extent that I am aware that some of his underwater footage of basking sharks was used by The Isle of Man Government Department of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries at various world-wide seminars, and is also still used by The Manx Wildlife Trust as well as the Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch.  Frazer’s work features prominently on posters and notice boards around the Island.  I carry out presentations showing coastal wild-life around the Island to many and various groups.  Frazer has kindly given me permission to use a number of his images of sharks, whales and dolphins as well as local bird-life.  His work never ceases to gain very positive comments from people who are used to studying and in some cases photographing wild-life – which is praise indeed.  Recently Frazer has also used drone footage he has taken of the beautiful coast, which again has met with the same response.  A true and knowledgeable professional, with vast experience below the water surface, on land and also from the air.

Ian Young
Boat Skipper
Manx Basking Shark watch
December 2020

Sports action

a stunning eye for detail and has delivered first class action shots of our Sport’

Frazer has a stunning eye for detail and has delivered first class action shots of our Sport during my time at Rugby School. His passion & professionalism in delivering quality action shots, team photos and stunning drone/aerial photos & videos make his work some of the best I have seen. Frazer’s awareness of what is required stems from his extensive knowledge and love of Sport. A fine Sportsman himself, he now inspires others through the lens and I cannot recommend him highly enough.’

Michael Powell
Ex Warwickshire County Cricket Captain
Housemaster of Cotton House
Rugby school
July 2020

Underwater & Aerial

 ‘an inspirational photographer… difficult not to be inspired’

Frazer is an inspirational photographer. I have had the privilege of seeing his work over the years and the range and the quality of his shots are outstanding. From breath-taking underwater shots of manta rays, sharks and whales and other marine life at stunning dive locations around the world, to aerial shots anywhere from the Alps to over the Warwickshire Countryside. Frazer can equally be found on the touchline of Rugby matches, capturing some stunning action shots of the beautiful game. Having benefitted from accompanying him on a few UK expeditions, Frazer is a great guy to work with. Difficult not to be inspired, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Andy Maguire
April 2021

Aerial, Underwater & Sports’ Photography

James Bond with a Camera’

Anyone who knows him, will already be aware that in addition to his photography, Frazer sky-dives, Paraglides, Climbs, Canoes, Skis, Scuba dives and loves getting up close with sharks, as well as possessing an annoyingly high level of ability in a multitude of the major team sports as well.

‘James Bond with a camera’ is an apt way to describe him.

What is less known is that the quality of his photography and videography that often records his extreme exploits is nothing short of breath-taking. As a photographer, his underwater and sports work for me is up there with the best of them.  This has all been done during an over his illustrious 35 year + teaching career; How he has found time is beyond me.

In addition, and what is sickening, is the fact that he is a genuinely nice guy, ridiculously modest about his exploits, and a total professional in the process. It can make us mere mortals feel inadequate! The quality of Frazer’s photography never fails to impress whether it is underwater, on land, or several thousand feet up in a paraglider! If you are looking for any type of photography work, that needs to be professionally done to the highest standards, I can’t recommend Frazer highly enough.

John Davies
Pensacola, Florida
August, 2020

Red Devils Parachute Team display

colour contrasts are remarkable and the compositions of his images are amazing’

Frazer’s photography captured the outstanding display by the Red Devils Parachute regiment in all their glory. The colour contrasts of all his images are remarkable and the compositions of his images are amazing. Frazer captured the adrenalin and poise of the sky dives superbly, giving the impression of a sharp, yet moving picture. Everyone in the armoury that has seen his images has since commented on the sharpness of focus and the high quality of these pictures. A fantastic job well done, many thanks.

Jeff Howe
Staff Instructor.
July 2020

Andy Davies (Professional Dive instructor)

my highest recommendation for his underwater photographic work’

Having dived with Frazer over the last 25 years I’ve seen him both develop and expand his repertoire as an underwater photographer and videographer. His attention to detail and desire to better himself has manifested itself in the quality and range of his photographs that he produces.

Composition, lighting and his ability to be in the right place to catch the perfect picture can be seen in his images, whether it be large pelagics, wrecks or the smallest of macro wildlife. As an underwater photographer and videographer, Frazer retains my highest recommendation for his underwater photographic work.

Andy Davies
PADI U/W Photography Specialty Instructor
April 2021

Rugby Union / Sports action

Remarkable Photographs’

‘As a colleague on the Sports field for over twenty years I have always been hugely impressed by Frazer’s passion to record on film the vicissitudes of the various major and minor sports that we have shared. The sheer quality of his action photographs and his ability to get that perfect angle reflects on not only a fine photographer but a great sportsman, capable of reading a game and anticipating perfectly. He has also shown a great ability to catch the team gatherings at just the perfect moment and my most treasured images are from celebratory team snaps following unlikely successes in rugby cup competitions. Frazer’s Rugby School images are always imaginative and carefully captured and his portfolio of remarkable photographs from high in the air or under the sea have always been well received and much sought after. Frazer is meticulous and observant, and always highly professional, which always ensures high quality results’

Trevor White
Rugby Coach
Rugby School
January, 2020

Aerial Photography

a fabulous experience and outcome’

Anne and I are delighted with the aerial photos that Frazer took of our home. His awareness of what we had in mind, and the quality of the images were both outstanding. Frazer provided a wide variety of angles and perspectives which really captured the whole neighbourhood and every aspect of our home from above. His relaxed manner, eye for detail, good communication skills and experience in terms of weather and other constraints, all helped to provide us with a fabulous experience and outcome. We are absolutely thrilled with these images which we will enjoy for years to come.

Guy & Anne Steele-Bodger
Rugby, Warwickshire
April 2021

Sports action, Aerial & Underwater photography

‘The quality and detail that can be gained from these images is breath-taking’

I have been a colleague of Frazer’s for over 20 years, and have always admired his ability to capture the moment when it comes to his passion for film and photography, which has enhanced his teaching and love for life beyond the classroom and sports field throughout his working life. I have numerous pictures in my possession which Frazer has taken in a variety of forms – be they team photos which immortalises the sporting talent we have coached over the years, or better still the action stills of both staff and students engaged in sporting activity which capture the moment, when skill and fitness was once in our possession. The students and parents at school have always been impressed and greatly appreciated the skill and talent that Frazer possesses in seeing the ideal opportunity to record those moments as and when they happen, and there are so many happy memories that can be referenced by looking through the back catalogue of pictures that have been taken by Frazer throughout the years for a whole manner of sporting activity – Rugby union, football and cricket in particular.

However, it has been Frazer’s love for the air and ocean that has really been most fascinating to staff and students alike, and I was very fortunate to have and then take the opportunity to obtain a whole range of images that have been personally taken by Frazer over the years, which now adorn the corridors and common rooms within my large boarding House at Rugby. Not only do they remind me of my dear friend and colleague, but also they take us to a variety of locations and environments around the world – be it paragliding the snowy peaks of Mont Blanc and the stunning aerial photography over well known French ski resorts, to the depths of the Red Sea, Caribbean sea and Indian Ocean amongst reef sharks and hammerheads who are within touching distance of the camera. The quality and detail that can be gained from these images is breath-taking, and they are a common source of conversation amongst the boys in the House who have the pleasure of their company within their own living environment. Frazer is extra-ordinarily fortunate to be able to take himself to these situations, but also to have the expertise and knowledge to take the correct photo at just the right moment for others to share and enjoy his own experience. I have found the photos hugely rewarding and a unique addition to the House environment, and I would urge others to take a look at his catalogue as there is something there for everyone.

Finally, I must also mention the images Frazer has taken from his drone of the school environment, which have featured in my termly newsletters to parents and staff. Once again, this resource has enhanced the quality of this form of communication to my audience, and provide a very unique perspective on how the school fits in with the town, and how my boarding House is an integral part of the school. Frazer’s patience and persistence with this form of image collection illustrates how broad and varied his skill set is within this discipline. You cannot fail to be impressed by the quality of the end product and the appeal stretches across a wide and varied audience. I have even used some of these images in my teaching, such is their versatility and relevance beyond their intrinsic value as a piece of photographic work.

Chris Evans
1st XI Soccer coach
Rugby school
March 2020

Underwater Photography

lighting, focus and clarity are all excellent’

‘’It amazes us each time we look at the two shark pictures we purchased, just how impressive these species are and how up close and personal Frazer is able to get to them. We have the pictures framed in our home and are always discovering new and different things about the sharks that we hadn’t seen the last time. It’s clear that Frazer is passionate about these animals and is able to give them the respect they require to get the best from them in his photography. The lighting, focus and clarity are all excellent, and really help with the quality of the pictures. It obviously takes a huge amount of skill to be able to take such a good picture of something that is moving and unpredictable.’’

Josh Harding
March 2020

Sub Aqua Club / Underwater

subject compositions and light are always perfectly balanced – creating rich , inviting scenes’

Frazer kindly supported our BSAC Diving Club by allowing us to use his photographs for our website, as we were struggling to get good quality images (despite several club members being avid amateur underwater photographers) The stunning pictures he provided enabled us to set the scene of a bright, vibrant, colourful underwater world. We used a variety of images of marine species and wrecks and some superb interactive shots with divers included. Frazer is a passionate and very experienced diver and his photography captures the essence and feeling of being below the surface – his knowledge of diving, marine life and the underwater world is portrayed exceptionally well. The subject compositions and light are always perfectly balanced – creating rich, inviting scenes – just what we needed to entice new divers to our club, and encourage them to give it a go. We are very grateful to Frazer for his support and undoubtedly wouldn’t have had the same level of interest from potential new club members without his photos.

Angie Deaves
Diving Officer
Stratford Upon Avon BSAC
October 2020

Pet Photography

‘so natural and beautiful…memories for us for many, many years to come’

We both think the variety of images Frazer took were brilliant;  He captured the true images of both our dogs superbly! – the sharpness was amazing and brought the photos to life and we particularly like the ‘action’ photos of Molly as she ran across the field, and the images of them drinking from the watering can were so natural and beautiful – Frazer has truly provided memories for us for many, many years to come. With your kind permission, we have printed off a selection and have them framed and hanging in our Home.  Thank you so much.

Phil & Gail Carroll
County Durham
January 2021

Aerial photography / videography

absolutely first class’

Frazer’s photography is absolutely first class.  I have received some aerial shots of the area that I live, the school campus and the boarding house, and they show the area in all its beauty: the photos are of a very high quality and display beautifully when printed and framed.  I have also purchased a large number of Frazer’s underwater photographs depicting a variety of sea creatures, and particularly various types of shark.  He has captured these marine animals at amazing proximity and the photos transport you to the underwater world – it is almost as if you were there yourself.  I have no hesitation in recommending Frazer’s photography at all – you will love it!

Raminder Dhanda
Rugby School
July 2020

Underwater: Dive location Bahamas.

His enthusiasm for the underwater world and eye for detail …..was truly fantastic’

“I was privileged to be part of a shark/wreck dive expedition in the Bahamas and was lucky enough to have some underwater shots taken of me during the dive by Frazer. His enthusiasm for the underwater world and eye for detail in his photography was truly fantastic and I was blown away by the quality of the shots he produced.  Capturing me alongside black tip reef sharks, Moray Eels and an array of tropical fish has made for some fabulous photo’s and which are proudly displayed in my home as memories of an amazing trip. Thanks, Frazer!

Anthony Eden
March 2021

Sport and Aerial Photography

 ‘exceptionally high quality photographs covering a wide range of subject matter’

During a decade long working relationship, Frazer consistently delivered exceptionally high quality photographs covering a wide range of subject matter from sporting action shots to relaxed group shots on outdoor expeditions. His creativity, imagination and unceasing willingness to push the boundaries of what is possible led to a set of inspired aerial photos of the boarding houses at Rugby, which provide a unique perspective on the school. He is a first-class communicator and a pleasure to work with.

Ed & Sarah Trelinski
January 2021

Sport and Aerial Photography

the most likeable, professional, photographic genius’

I have had the privilege to be the head groundsman at Rugby school (where in 1823 the game of rugby was created)for the last 15 years. During this time the school has hosted many tournaments, world schools rugby, county cricket t20, royal London Warwickshire ccc, all rugby nations training days prior to England hosting the home world cup, plus many more memorable events.

To capture the photographic flavour of all this, we have been so fortunate to have working with us, the most likeable, professional photographic genius in Frazer. Quite a few of his memorable scenes are on my office wall, which give a perfect front of house experience for our many visitors. Indeed one of a drone shot overlooking the famous school grounds is my screen saver.

James Mead :
Head Groundsman, Rugby school
February 2021

Aerial Photography

‘a series of striking images that give a sense of the scale and quality of the environment we live and work in’

The aerial photographs of the site were stunning. Beautifully composed, they absolutely captured the brief. We now have a series of striking images that give a sense of the scale and quality of the environment we live and work in. As a bonus, I was also able add interest to a common room by looking through Frazer’s wider catalogue and selecting a stunning image of a coral garden, its unusual perspective, giving a wonderful glimpse into a tantalising, rich underwater world.

Andrew Chessell
Rugby School
July 2020

Cricket Tours/ Sports action

‘extremely adept at ‘capturing the moment’… versatile and no single description of his work does precise justice to Frazer’s photography

As a fellow coach/ teacher in charge of two youth overseas cricket tours to Grenada and Sri Lanka, I have seen at first hand the quality of Frazer’s photography. He is extremely adept at ‘capturing the moment’; whether the moment in question is a particular action shot or a candid picture in which the subject was unaware he was being photographed, Frazer’s talent for taking the right picture at the right time is always in evidence. When I look back at the volumes of pictures I have seen from those tours, I am struck by how successfully Frazer has framed many of his shots, giving a strong flavour of the exotic background or sensitively capturing tension. He is very versatile and no single description of Frazer’s work does precise justice to his photography. All I can say, is that he has an instinct for a good shot in the same way a talented journalist has a ‘nose’ for a story. His humour often emerges through his pictures and I have enjoyed witnessing some unexpected, laugh-out-loud moments that have captured the sense of fun which the boys on the cricket tours enjoyed; his manner with the pupils is such that he is easily able to relax his subjects to the benefit of getting the right photograph.

Passionate and inspired about the work that he does behind the camera, Frazer usually prefers to be left to make up his own mind as to the particular shots he takes but he is very adaptable and will always act on requests for a certain image or angle. He prefers to be busy and his restless determination in the pursuit of a particular subject is a characteristic of his modus operandi; this tenacity and rigour has led him to achieve some impressive returns. A natural communicator, Frazer is also extremely reliable and likeable: a pleasure to share time with.

Adam Naylor
Cricket Coach
August 2020

Pet Portraits

an exceptional eye for detail’

We have got to know Frazer on his trips to the Isle of Man over recent years and soon realised what an observant and astute photographer he is.  Having already seen his photos from several global diving expeditions ‘on line’, we were delighted when he took photos of our dogs for us.  He has an exceptional eye for detail and the dogs were totally relaxed around him.  These photos mean the world to us as one of our dogs is sadly no longer with us.  The images that Frazer took that day take pride of place in our living room with his photos capturing their personalities perfectly. These images give us great memories of how happy they were; soaked and sandy on the beach. 

Ben & Katie Hellowell
Isle of Man.
February 2021

Rugby Union/Sports action

‘The action ‘shots’ taken during the match were exceptional’

HI Frazer,

just a quick thanks again for the excellent photos and video analysis you carried out during our recent coaching sessions. The detail and close proximity of both the video and still images, allowed us as a coaching staff to review technique, individual ability and prior to matches, attack & defence scenarios. Your video coverage has given the players the opportunity to step back and reflect on individual their strengths, weaknesses and areas of their game that need to be developed. The action ‘shots’ taken during the match were exceptional, and reflect your professionalism, eye for detail, an old pro’s ability to read and understanding to read the game. I hope we are able to call upon your services when we return to normal sports activity in the new year. Many thanks once again.

Chris Dobbs
February ,2020

Underwater Images

Phenomenal, breath-taking images and true works of art’

My husband and I have been fans of Frazer’s photography for over 10 years! We always look forward to seeing his latest work and living his adventures vicariously through his photographs!  He is truly a professional with an exceptional eye for detail that brings his photos to life for the viewer. His photos are of the highest quality and he always captures the essence of life underwater, with both a sense of calmness and serenity, as well as heart pounding excitement!

As a diver myself, Frazer’s photos transport me back into the water and make me feel as if I’m seeing the fish, coral, eels,, sharks etc… first-hand. He has an uncanny knack for being in the exact right place at the right time to capture the perfect shot and he always knows how to frame his shots to tell a certain underwater story. We particularly both love the shots of large ocean predators such as barracuda, eels, sharks where Frazer captures them in their natural environment with his stunning, vibrant images!  Phenomenal, breath-taking and true works of art; some of the most stunning photography I’ve ever seen!

Ann & Greg Waldrop
May 2021

Aerial Images

‘Historic Building Consultants’

We are extremely grateful to Frazer for the photographs and video footage of our recently completed roof repairs to the outer gatehouse at Buckden Towers, Cambridgeshire.

The project was funded by Historic England and his images were very useful to show the completed project in an exciting way.

Robert Davies Architects
& Historic Building Consultants