Sports action, Aerial & Underwater photography

‘The quality and detail that can be gained from these images is breath-taking’

I have been a colleague of Frazer’s for over 20 years, and have always admired his ability to capture the moment when it comes to his passion for film and photography, which has enhanced his teaching and love for life beyond the classroom and sports field throughout his working life. I have numerous pictures in my possession which Frazer has taken in a variety of forms – be they team photos which immortalises the sporting talent we have coached over the years, or better still the action stills of both staff and students engaged in sporting activity which capture the moment, when skill and fitness was once in our possession. The students and parents at school have always been impressed and greatly appreciated the skill and talent that Frazer possesses in seeing the ideal opportunity to record those moments as and when they happen, and there are so many happy memories that can be referenced by looking through the back catalogue of pictures that have been taken by Frazer throughout the years for a whole manner of sporting activity – Rugby union, football and cricket in particular.

However, it has been Frazer’s love for the air and ocean that has really been most fascinating to staff and students alike, and I was very fortunate to have and then take the opportunity to obtain a whole range of images that have been personally taken by Frazer over the years, which now adorn the corridors and common rooms within my large boarding House at Rugby. Not only do they remind me of my dear friend and colleague, but also they take us to a variety of locations and environments around the world – be it paragliding the snowy peaks of Mont Blanc and the stunning aerial photography over well known French ski resorts, to the depths of the Red Sea, Caribbean sea and Indian Ocean amongst reef sharks and hammerheads who are within touching distance of the camera. The quality and detail that can be gained from these images is breath-taking, and they are a common source of conversation amongst the boys in the House who have the pleasure of their company within their own living environment. Frazer is extra-ordinarily fortunate to be able to take himself to these situations, but also to have the expertise and knowledge to take the correct photo at just the right moment for others to share and enjoy his own experience. I have found the photos hugely rewarding and a unique addition to the House environment, and I would urge others to take a look at his catalogue as there is something there for everyone.

Finally, I must also mention the images Frazer has taken from his drone of the school environment, which have featured in my termly newsletters to parents and staff. Once again, this resource has enhanced the quality of this form of communication to my audience, and provide a very unique perspective on how the school fits in with the town, and how my boarding House is an integral part of the school. Frazer’s patience and persistence with this form of image collection illustrates how broad and varied his skill set is within this discipline. You cannot fail to be impressed by the quality of the end product and the appeal stretches across a wide and varied audience. I have even used some of these images in my teaching, such is their versatility and relevance beyond their intrinsic value as a piece of photographic work.

Chris Evans
1st XI Soccer coach
Rugby school
March 2020