Rugby Union / Sports action

Remarkable Photographs’

‘As a colleague on the Sports field for over twenty years I have always been hugely impressed by Frazer’s passion to record on film the vicissitudes of the various major and minor sports that we have shared. The sheer quality of his action photographs and his ability to get that perfect angle reflects on not only a fine photographer but a great sportsman, capable of reading a game and anticipating perfectly. He has also shown a great ability to catch the team gatherings at just the perfect moment and my most treasured images are from celebratory team snaps following unlikely successes in rugby cup competitions. Frazer’s Rugby School images are always imaginative and carefully captured and his portfolio of remarkable photographs from high in the air or under the sea have always been well received and much sought after. Frazer is meticulous and observant, and always highly professional, which always ensures high quality results’

Trevor White
Rugby Coach
Rugby School
January, 2020