Land based photography

FHA photography offers a number of land-based services which are outlined below: (Sports action, Landscape, Wildlife, Portrait& Macro photography) The range of Canon cameras I use and the variety of lens involved will obviously depend upon the type of project and service that you require.

As a sports and action photographer, I have shot sporting events all across the UK, throughout many parts of Europe, the Caribbean, Sri Lanka and the United States of America and Canada. I have photographed over a 150+ sporting events for clients and specialise in capturing high paced, high-speed action photography for both team and individual sports with my high-quality images being used for editorial use, magazines, various sporting publications and now for ‘online’ purchase.

For portrait and still photography, I use a combination of the Canon 5DS line of cameras and ‘L’ range lens (Mk ii & Mkiii) and for all sports and fast-moving wildlife photography, I use a number from the Canon line up, from the Canon 7D mk ii or the DX1 in conjunction with the Canon 400 f2.8 (Mk ii) lens as well as the Canon 100-400 mm (Mk II)  to ensure sharp and clear images.

For landscape images, I use a range of wide-angle lens ranging from Canon ‘L’ 16-35 mm (mk ii) and also the Canon ‘L’ 17-40 mm range of lens.

1.1 Sports Photography and Action Photography

I shoot sports and action images for advertising, corporate and editorial clients, schools and colleges but am happy to quote for any bespoke requests that do not come under the above criteria.

1.2 Portrait photography

I offer a personalised portrait photography service which range from an individual photo shoot session, to families, pets, farm livestock for shows (e.g. Highland cattle) and for cherished items which may include motor vehicles or marine craft. Some of my previous work has included editorial, commercial and personal portfolio photography. (Please see the testimonial section for details) Please contact me with any queries you may have.

Charges from May 2023 

A 60-90 minute portrait session at the chosen location of the client =  £95

Included in this price are :

  1. x3 A3 High quality images from a choice of 5 images or
  2. x5 A4 High quality Images from a choice of 10 images

1.3 Macro photography

I offer a bespoke service that covers all different types of detailed macro’, (close up) photography.

This may include images of cherished family jewellery, artwork, documentation and similar small items for personal records, insurance purposes, personal estates and more. As there is also an increasing need to document family, small business stock, personal belongings, particularly jewellery, artwork, and valuable visual evidence necessary for things such as wills, probate and estate management, I offer an on-site service to document such requirements. Please note this is carried out at the chosen location of the client, and the memory card used to photo any item is handed directly to the client on completion of the particular macro shoot to ensure privacy and confidentially for the client’s personal possessions.


A 60 minute Macro session at the chosen location of the client =  £75

1.4 Landscape photography

Landscape photography is obviously subjective to the individual customer, but if you have a particular landscape in mind, and require either a series of aerial images or wide angle shots, please contact me with the location and ideally a GPS location and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

There is a wide selection of High quality / High resolution landscape images already on the ‘online archive’ but for those clients who are familiar with the Peak District, Derbyshire, the Long Mynd, Shropshire and parts of the Lake district, I travel to these locations on a regular basis to paraglide, mountain bike, walk and also carry out some landscape photography. If these areas are of interest to you as regards cherished landscape locations, Please contact me for a no obligation quote for landscape locations in these areas.

Please call / E-Mail me with your land based photography query and a no obligation quote for the landscape image of your choice.