Extreme Sports Photography lectures

As an already well-known speaker to schools, colleges, natural history societies, small businesses, the WI, Cancer research and other related organisations, I have extensive experience in delivering a wide range of extreme sports, Wildlife Photography and underwater Videography lectures and can provide an exciting, in-depth, and highly visual photographic and video presentation on a wide range of topics.

My ‘hands-on’ approach coupled with 30+ years of experience of both underwater, (scuba) diving, paragliding, wildlife and other extreme sports photography is guaranteed to entertain and inspire. (Please see the reviews section)

I am happy to ‘tailor’ my presentations to any particular age group, school, club or organisation, and can offer talks on a wide range of topics; below is just a selection of my lecture presentations carried out of the past few years:

SCUBA Diving ( Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus )
Scuba Diving; an Introduction to the sport
An introduction to underwater photography
Diving with Sharks; an underwater photographer’s perspective
The Maldives: An underwater paradise
The Red Sea: Diving the Reefs and Wrecks of the Red Sea
The Red Sea: Sports diving at its best
The Pelagics of the Red Sea
Diving in the Bahamas
The Shipwrecks of The Bahamas
James Bond: the Bahamas and the underwater film locations
The underwater predators of the Caribbean

Paragliding: An introduction to the sport
Paragliding: Aerial photography and videography
Paragliding in the French Alps
Paragliding: Cross Country flying

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography (On Land & Underwater: (The challenges that both can present)Wildlife photography: ‘Up Close & Personal’ (On land or underwater)
Alaska; Its landscapes and wildlife
The Basking Sharks of the Isle of Man

Charges for Extreme Sports & Wildlife Presentations

For all wildlife  and extreme sports presentations, a percentage of the fee goes direct to several different cancer research charities. If anyone who books a lecture on any of the above topics has a preferred charity in mind, please let me know as I will be more than happy to accommodate your request


A 60-90 minute lecture on any of the above topics listed, includes both a photographic and video presentation, interspersed with detailed information on the particular topic with additional anecdotes and personal recollections /experiences acquired in that activity over a 30 year period.

Charges from May 2023:      £ 125.00

Nb : There will be an additional charge outside a fifty mile radius of PE280BH

Wildlife photography

FHA photography offers a Wildlife photography service which can be tailored to the Client’s requests.

The client’s requests can often be within the following areas :

  1. Choosing wildlife images from the ‘Online archive’
  1. Requesting specific wildlife images from the client’s home, farm, estate or at a chosen location at a time and date of their choosing
  1. Filming livestock for Country shows, display or for high resolution images
  1. Depending upon the wildlife in question, the use of ‘PIR’/ remote sensor  camera traps to obtain the images of certain types of wildlife which are usually difficult during the night or day hours

Charges from May 2023 

For options ii & iii :

A 60 minute Wildlife photography session at the chosen location of the client =  £65

The range of cameras and lenses used will obviously depend upon the type of project and service that you require. Please contact me for a no obligation quote  or any query that you may have.

Please call / E-Mail me with your land based photography query

[email protected]