Cricket Tours/ Sports action

‘extremely adept at ‘capturing the moment’… versatile and no single description of his work does precise justice to Frazer’s photography

As a fellow coach/ teacher in charge of two youth overseas cricket tours to Grenada and Sri Lanka, I have seen at first hand the quality of Frazer’s photography. He is extremely adept at ‘capturing the moment’; whether the moment in question is a particular action shot or a candid picture in which the subject was unaware he was being photographed, Frazer’s talent for taking the right picture at the right time is always in evidence. When I look back at the volumes of pictures I have seen from those tours, I am struck by how successfully Frazer has framed many of his shots, giving a strong flavour of the exotic background or sensitively capturing tension. He is very versatile and no single description of Frazer’s work does precise justice to his photography. All I can say, is that he has an instinct for a good shot in the same way a talented journalist has a ‘nose’ for a story. His humour often emerges through his pictures and I have enjoyed witnessing some unexpected, laugh-out-loud moments that have captured the sense of fun which the boys on the cricket tours enjoyed; his manner with the pupils is such that he is easily able to relax his subjects to the benefit of getting the right photograph.

Passionate and inspired about the work that he does behind the camera, Frazer usually prefers to be left to make up his own mind as to the particular shots he takes but he is very adaptable and will always act on requests for a certain image or angle. He prefers to be busy and his restless determination in the pursuit of a particular subject is a characteristic of his modus operandi; this tenacity and rigour has led him to achieve some impressive returns. A natural communicator, Frazer is also extremely reliable and likeable: a pleasure to share time with.

Adam Naylor
Cricket Coach
August 2020