Aerial, Underwater & Sports’ Photography

James Bond with a Camera’

Anyone who knows him, will already be aware that in addition to his photography, Frazer sky-dives, Paraglides, Climbs, Canoes, Skis, Scuba dives and loves getting up close with sharks, as well as possessing an annoyingly high level of ability in a multitude of the major team sports as well.

‘James Bond with a camera’ is an apt way to describe him.

What is less known is that the quality of his photography and videography that often records his extreme exploits is nothing short of breath-taking. As a photographer, his underwater and sports work for me is up there with the best of them.  This has all been done during an over his illustrious 35 year + teaching career; How he has found time is beyond me.

In addition, and what is sickening, is the fact that he is a genuinely nice guy, ridiculously modest about his exploits, and a total professional in the process. It can make us mere mortals feel inadequate! The quality of Frazer’s photography never fails to impress whether it is underwater, on land, or several thousand feet up in a paraglider! If you are looking for any type of photography work, that needs to be professionally done to the highest standards, I can’t recommend Frazer highly enough.

John Davies
Pensacola, Florida
August, 2020