Aerial Photography

With over 25 years of aerial photography expertise, FHA Photography can provide you with the images / video that you need whether it be for private homes, businesses, farms, property, landscapes, industrial locations, roofing / structural inspections and more;

Over the past twelve years, I have provided an aerial photography service for a wide range of private, public organisations, small businesses, schools, colleges, tourist boards, fisheries, sports clubs, Historic buildings, nature reserves and landowners who all require high resolution, distinct and detailed images or video. * If your own category of organisation is not listed above, and you require any form of aerial photography, please contact me; I will be happy to help with your enquiry.

I can offer a bespoke service or a standard package to undertake any aerial videography and drone photography requirements. ( Please see below)

Our drone staff are highly qualified, registered and licenced operators. FHA Photography’s UAV’s (Drones) are only flown by Civil Aviation Authority licensed pilots and use the most modern, hi-tech drones to take the best aerial images / video possible. All work carried out is done with the utmost responsibility and always involves detailed communication with the client and where possible, pre-flight visits, risk assessments along with the necessary documentation is completed prior to the appointment date. On the scheduled date, there will also be a detailed pre-flight check with the client to ensure they are happy with the flight plan and schedule for the work that has been scheduled.

Whether it be for a family home, a particular landscape, a hotel, school, church roof or structural inspection, a nature reserve to a sports club photo shoot, I look forward to accommodating your image / videography requests.

I also specialise in producing high-resolution aerial images of a location that may hold a particular cherished memory for an individual, a family or a specific group. Whether it be your own home, a village scene, a river view, a local sports club, a specific viewpoint, or even a National Park location that holds special memories for you, I would be happy to help with your requirements. For the family home and property in particular; I provide  personal and distinct high-quality images from a unique perspective’

Please contact me for a straightforward, uncomplicated quote for please contact me for a straightforward, uncomplicated quote for your particular image requirement.

Aerial Image Charges from May 2023

As all clients requests for aerial photography are difficult to price without specific information, I prefer to quote individually to ensure that the client can be provided with the best service possible for the best possible price.

However, for those clients who require high resolution images of their home, business premises or a specific location, please see the pricing below. This can be on an single or multiple image basis or to request the charges for a 1.5 hours, 3.5hour, or whole day session, please contact me via the website E mail or the website mobile number.

For other aerial photography requirements, please contact me for a free, no obligation quote.

High Resolution images charges for personal residences, business premises  or of a cherished / specific location:

1 High resolution images from a choice of 3 different images              £ 25

3 High resolution images from a choice of 7 different images              £ 40

5 High resolution images from a choice of 10 different images           £ 55

10 High resolution images from a choice of 18 different images         £ 90

  • For an accompanying video of your property or business location please contact me for a quote.
  • Please note there will be an additional standard charge for locations outside of Cambridgeshire.

Please call / E-Mail me with your Aerial photography query.