With a background in first class sport in the major games, followed by thirty-eight years in education, where I was able to utilise school holidays to pursue a range of extreme sports, (and my photography) I now finally have the opportunity to devote more ‘focused attention’ to the photographic / videography services that I now offer.

In addition to the major team and action sports photography that I‘ve been involved with, I am also an experienced ‘scuba’ diver and underwater photographer with several thousand dives, with the underwater world taking me all over the world in pursuit of the elusive ‘perfect shot’. With a love of Alpine sports, I am also an extensively travelled skier, paraglider pilot, (& aerial photographer) who has flown and competed for many years both in France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. As a consequence, I have accumulated a large archive of underwater, aerial and landscape still images and video material.

As a consequence, my career in Sport, (both actively participating and teaching / coaching) has allowed me to combine both my love of all sport with my passion for photography and videography.

During my 38 years teaching and my own personal sporting career, I have established myself as a respected and published photographer with my underwater, aerial, and sports action images being used by several US dive magazines,  TV companies, European tourist boards, Historic organisations and several well-known independent schools. The breadth of my own sporting repertoire has meant that my passion for photography / videography has developed in the process, along with the technology that is required to promote it.

Now that the world is thankfully beginning to emerge from the restrictions of the past two year period, I am looking forward to expanding my already wide range of photographic services outlined on this website, whether they be on land, underwater or up in the air!

Please feel free to browse the various photographic and videography services available, and also the ‘online ‘archive of image categories which are available for both viewing and purchase.

I look forward to being able to provide the particular photographic service that you may require; I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

With all best wishes

Frazer May 2023